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Geoprobe Case Study

geoprobe at yankee stadiumRemedial Injection Wells at Yankee Stadium:  Installed direct-push PVC injection wells during a construction project at the Stadium.

Three-Dimensional GPR scan within industrial building:  Conducted a full subsurface scan, evaluated data in 3-D “slices”, identified potential USTs and prepared a report of findings.

geoprobeLithology Investigation at NYDSEC Hazardous Waste Site:  Conducted a continuous soil boring 75 feet into groundwater using a discrete dual tube sampling system to determine the presence of contaminant confining layers.

Soil and Groundwater Contaminant Delineation at Former Gasoline Service Station:  Completed continuous, discrete soil borings at several locations from zero to 80 feet below grade.  Upon completion of each soil boring, permanent PVC groundwater monitoring wells were installed within the same rod string, saving the client time and reducing costs.

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