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Indoor Air Quality Case Study

Prompted by health complaints of their employees, a regional bank contacted LAUREL to conduct an indoor air quality study at one their branches. After an initial site inspection that included question and answer interviews with several bank employees for symptoms, our industrial hygienist and associate Certified Industrial Hygienist formulated a study plan for the site.

Using a Metrosonics Aq-501, a PID and a velometer, LAUREL collected data over a three day period. Our data indicated that carbon monoxide levels in the drive-in area became elevated several times throughout the day. By comparing the results of real time sampling with the bank's security video footage, it was determined that carbon monoxide levels rose when large trucks were at the window. Additionally, the velometer indicated that air flow from the HVAC system was not sufficient, and outside air leaked in from the drive-in teller drawer. Our report delineated several improvements that could be made to the HVAC system and the building to eliminate the problem.

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