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#6 Fuel Oil recovery from a spill that occurred decades ago
Using Laurel subsidiary, Ep2’s Geoprobe and sampling equipment, LAUREL collected soil and groundwater samples in the vicinity of two former 10,000-gallon #6 fuel oil underground storage tanks (USTs) at a large Brooklyn apartment building.  The tanks had been previously removed and a NYSDEC Spill was activated when contamination was found in the excavation.  The spill had been removed from status and then re-activated by the state agency.  The property owner retained Laurel to assist in providing the DEC satisfaction with the additional study.  Laurel Geologists found that significant petroleum contamination remained and that prior remedial efforts were insufficient.  The NYSDEC required remedial corrective action.
Due to the viscosity of #6 oil, which is not unlike tar balls, the most cost effective remedial plan called for removal, transport and proper disposal of impacted soils.  Since the contamination began at approximately four feet below grade, the clean, overburden soils were removed and set aside for re-use as backfill.  When the contaminated layer was encountered, the impacted soils were removed to final depth of two feet into the water table, approximately eight feet below grade, and disposed of at an approved recycling facility.  A pump truck and absorbent booms were utilized to recover free product from the excavation.  Confirmatory endpoint soil samples were collected analyzed to determine the extent of residual contamination.  The excavation was then backfilled and two product recovery wells were installed.

The recovery wells were inspected monthly for six months and had to be pumped free of product only twice.  Since Laurel was successful in removing the majority of the contamination during the soil removal, the spill was removed from active status within six months.

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