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uic case studies
Illegal dumping of chemicals can
lead to a costly clean up

At a large heavy equipment sales and repair facility,  LAUREL geologists and engineers designed and submitted a UIC closure plan to the USEPA. The plan included the closure of six floor drains, the closure of a total of twenty leaching pools that were confirmed as final discharge points, and the design and installation of a wastewater treatment system to handle water from steam cleaning of heavy equipment. The plan was approved by the USEPA within four days of submittal.
uic case studies
Three qualified remediation contractors were given bid packages. Upon receipt of their proposals, the firm with the lowest reasonable cost was selected for the job. Work began immediately and continued for two weeks. A LAUREL geologist was on-site during all remediation with endpoint samples collected and split with the USEPA representative when clean soil (based on field screening with a PID) was attained.

Upon receipt of the analytical results, a closure report was produced and submitted to the USEPA. Approval of the closure report was granted within five days of receipt.

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