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Laurel Environmental Associates, Ltd. is a full-service, fully insured environmental consulting firm with expertise in all facets of environmental investigation, testing and remediation. Our hallmark is to provide accurate, timely and cost-effective results tailored to our clients offered

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments:

Phase II Soil and Groundwater Testing:

  • Soil borings and monitoring well installations
  • Data collection
  • Geophysical and magnetometer surveys
  • Groundwater and soil sampling
  • Soil gas surveys
  • Drinking water sampling
  • Sludge sampling
  • Air monitoring and sampling
  • Data interpretation
  • Geochemistry/Hydrogeology
  • Environmental statistics
  • Computer modeling
  • Laboratory evaluation/data validation

Soil and Groundwater Remediation soil testing

  • Recovery of product
  • Restoration of aquifer
  • Removal and disposal, or destruction of contaminated soil
  • In-situ bioremediation
  • On-site incineration, recycling or infrared heating
  • Air sparging/soil vapor extraction

Indoor Air Quality Studies:

  • Airborne fiber sampling and analysis
  • Sampling, analysis and remedies for "Sick Building Syndrome"
  • Sampling, analysis and remediesĀ for mold contaminated buildings
  • Radon gas surveys
  • Noise and ventilation studies

Brownfields Redevelopment:

Laurel Environmental is a NYC BIG approved vendor.  Our innovative work on Brownfields takes place on Long Island, in NYC, and the tri-state area.

Tank Removal, Installation, Testing, Design and Permitting:

  • Design, permitting and installation of new facilities to meet or exceed Federal, State and Local requirements
  • Permitting of existing facilities
  • Integrity (tightness) testing of existing facilities
  • Abandonment or removal and disposal of failed, out of service or otherwise non-compliant facilities

Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program:

  • Camera, RDF and dye tracing, magnetometer tracing, and sampling of floor drains and associated leaching pools
  • Preparation of UIC Closure Plans and submittal to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for approval
  • Remediation and closure of contaminated soil, sludge and liquid from UIC componentsgeoprobe at work
  • Preparation and submittal of UIC Closure report and submittal to the USEPA for approval
  • Design, agency approval and installation of alternative waste water treatment systems

Operations and Maintenance (O & M) Programs:

  • Sampling and analysis of paint for presence of lead and of suspect asbestos-containing materials (ACM) for presence of asbestos
  • Risk analysis of lead paint and ACM in building
  • Development of O & M programs for dealing with lead paint and ACM effectively

Geoprobe Drilling and Geophysical Services are conducted using a variety of equipment to sample soil and groundwater.

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