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Indoor Air Quality Studies

indoor air quality
Collection of indoor air samples to monitor
VOC levels next to a NYSDEC Hazardous Waste Site

LAUREL staff has conducted air monitoring at schools, office buildings, industrial buildings and private residences in which the occupants were experiencing "Sick Building Syndrome".

LAUREL staff have completed numerous surveys of buildings in which occupants were attributing their various respiratory, dermatological and nervous disorders to the working environment.  Known as the "Sick Building Syndome", Laurel takes a thorough approach to determine if there is, in fact, a "Sick Building”.  We conduct interviews with the people with symptoms as well as building owners and managers.

Based on our findings, which include the building inspection, surveys and interviews, we can begin testing.  Field equipment used includes:

  • Metrosonics® Aq-501, which is a real time air quality instrument that measures and logs data from up to four sensors
  • Sensidyne® Gastech7 colorimetric tubes
  • Psychrometer
  • Velometer and Photoionization Detector

Upon inspection of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, we analyze the results, often after conferring with our HVAC engineer.

indoor air quality
Outdoor, or ambient air samples are often collected
concordant to indoor air samples for comparison purposes

A clear written report of our findings with any recommendations is then submitted to the client.  Our reports remain in strict confidentiality and cannot be released to any persons other than to our client.

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