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Lead and Asbestos Testing and Operations and Maintenance (O & M) Programs


In the course of performing an ESA, insulation suspect of being Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) or paint suspect of containing lead may be encountered.  LAUREL can collect samples of suspect ACM and have them analyzed for percent asbestos using USEPA Method 600/M4-82-020 polarized light microscopy.  Analysis of paint for percent lead content can be done either on-site with x-ray fluorescence, as is done when large areas are to be sampled, or with samples being analyzed by atomic absorption.

LAUREL staff has been at the forefront of lead and asbestos abatement assistance.  We have in-house staff that have New York State Asbestos Handler's licenses and New York City Asbestos Inspector's licenses.  Our Lead Inspectors have training under the USEPA's model lead inspection curriculum, complying with all applicable requirements of Title IV of TSCA, USEPA Title 40 CFR Part 745, OSHA Title 29, CFR Part 1910.1025 and Part 1926.62, NYC Health Code Section 173.14 and HUD Guidelines. Sampling of paint and suspect ACM is conducted as described in the Lead Paint and Asbestos sampling section.

Risk analysis is conducted to determine the threat to human health in buildings with confirmed lead paint or ACM.  Based on this analysis, we recommend removal or Operations & Maintenance (O & M) as appropriate.  When an O & M is indicated, LAUREL can design and implement the program.

Removal or encapsulation becomes necessary when there is a significant threat to the health of permanent or occasional occupants of a building.  We can obtain quotes from several abatement contractors, present the bids and provide the third party monitoring for the removal or encapsulation project.

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Our clients include small, medium and large financial institutions, insurance companies, REITS, law firms, industry, and governmental agencies. References are available upon request.

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