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Tank Removal, Installation, Testing, Design and Permitting


tank removalLAUREL handles all aspects of underground and above ground storage tank design, registration, testing, removal, and abandonment. Our technicians have extensive experience in projects involving tanks with capacities of up to 50,000 gallons. Our personnel are OSHA trained and certified. We approach tank removals with caution, taking all necessary safety measures to ensure an uneventful tank removal. 
Tank abandonment scientists at work
Tank abandonment scientists at work.

For homeowners, we provide a less expensive alternative to removal: foam-filled abandonment. Given the correct size (equal or less than 1,100 gallons) and condition (must not have failed a tightness test and must have a direct fill), we can conveniently fill the UST with inert foam. This method has NCDH and SCDHS approvals.

For commercial and industrial properties, as well as gas stations, we provide testing, removal and replacement services. Laurel Environmental Associates, Ltd. is fully insured to perform these services, carrying Professional Errors and Omissions, Pollution and General liability as well as Workmen's Compensation. We use only engineers that have extensive experience designing USTs and the most reputable contractors for installations and removals.

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