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Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program


LAUREL handles all aspects of the USEPA underground injection control program. uic
Transfer of UIC sludges to a roll-off container
for disposal at an approved facility. This
This program addresses facilities that have bay drains, floor drains, trough drains, etc. that are located within a building and discharge to soil. The enforcement program administered by the USEPA and local regulatory agencies has picked up speed recently. These drainage systems are potentially very costly to clean up and can cause groundwater contamination.

We provide:

  • Dye tracing, magnetometer tracing, and sampling of floor drains and associated leaching pools.
  • Preparation of UIC Closure Plans and submittal to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for approval.
  • Remediation and closure of contaminated soil, sludge and liquid from UIC components.
  • Preparation and submittal of UIC Closure report and submittal to the USEPA for approval.
  • Design, agency approval, and installation of alternative waste water treatment system.

Based on comprehensive field testing that can include dye tracing, magnetometer tracing and geophysical surveying, our engineers, geologists and technicians work as a team to formulate and submit concise UIC closure plans to the USEPA. To ensure that contamination of soil or groundwater does not recur, a wastewater treatment system may be included as part of the closure plan. We monitor the approval process closely, with approval for our plans being granted in as little time as one week.
Sediment sampling within a stormwater drywell

Upon approval, we obtain bids from several qualified remediation contractors. Our field engineers manage the remediation tightly to effect a rapid and cost effective cleanup. Endpoint sampling of remediated pools, split with the lead regulatory agency inspector, is completed with analytical results included in our UIC Closure Report.

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